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Multipurpose Garden Digging Gloves
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Multipurpose Garden Digging Gloves


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57 in stock

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This one is for all you gardening lovers!


Easy to Use – Has attached claws which makes it easy to dig the soil/ground.

Highly Durable – Made up of durable ABS Plastic which makes it long lasting

Waterproof and sweat proof – Has waterproof and sweat proof quality which makes it suitable for every type of work

Highly comfortable – Made of high quality latex material which makes it stretchable and can fit to everyone easily

 Package Includes

  • 1 Pair Gardening Gloves
  • 4 * Claws

Many people out there love gardening, taking care of their garden usually gives many a sense of calm, happiness and also us pursued as a hobby.

But while gardening there is a lot of trouble with dirt as one digs through the ground (Oh, damn manicures!) The dirt gets trapped into the nails and creates a mess. It damages nails, causes diseases due to the germ accumulation and further intake!

But these gloves provide a solution, they help prevent damaging of your nails while doing the gardening work. These are made to make your gardening work easy and effortless. The gloves are made up of breathable material that protects your hands from sweat and dirt.

These also comprise of a stretchable material, hence all tasks can be performed easily. The gloves are fitted with claws that help to prevent broken fingernails and worn out fingertips.      

✅  Material: Rubber + Polyester

✅ Easy to dig, plant and rake.

Built-in Claws replaces the need to carry any hand tools

Latex material used on the inside is waterproof

Comfortable, Durable, & Complete Hand Protection.

✅ Puncture Resistant

✅ Soft Mat Fabric Surface Design: Increase friction force & flexibility.